You speak of reality?.

You speak of reality, Dartanian?

The reality is that although you may once have been a decent, dare I say, rather good sorcerer - You amount to little now. If you must attempt to boast of past accompliments, please do not delude yourself into thinking they have any bearing now.

I honestly wonder if you have any interest in the profession, or the skills? Are you nothing but a stonemoney and puppet? bah, no - to call you a puppet is a insult to Mysticism, if what I say is the truth!

You blacken stones and farbond while Threap holds your hand, and run to safety at the first sign on trouble. When I pilled into your guild with Hanann and India, you where in rituals and demons, with Zamphere and Thenithule. It could have been an even

fight, perhaps! But in spite of myself, I was utterly shocked when you did not even attempt to defend your guild, your stone, and your citymates. You left them to their deaths, and only looked back to grab a portable stone before running back to your

stockroom. I wonder what you where thinking, then? Did it even occur to you to try and fight back?

Yes, you may say that you still hold the advantage over my guild - but who has brought this about? what have you really done? Well, they need someone to actually enter the command and wait it out. Are you so uneeded otherwise, that the best use for yo

u is to be sat at a stone or in hiding?

I wonder, was it your idea to start this \"stone war\"? Even if you are only guildmaster in name, was it not you who initiated it, even if it may have been at anothers whim? if so - I wonder again what you where thinking. For a long time, it had settled

But now you come, you stir it back up. For what? You, and Thakria, gain nothing. You waste resources, and your comrades die needlessly to support this march for nothing. Perhaps you wish to return the seers guild to something respectable? Yet, again

- you do little for this cause.

I lead my guild, Dartanian. All those who have supported me and my guild through this have my deepest gratitude, but they do not lead me. You? ha. there is no Dartanian. Just a nameless little muppet and those who control it.

Esprii, Follow of Justice and proud Guildmistress!

Written by my hand on the 21st of Springflower, in the year 1111.