The Good Samaritan.

intimidate thakrian pleases me that my being bathed disturbs you. It disturbs me how easily you

and your city ilk ignore reality and make up your own facts.

Firstly, no thief yanked me to my death. I infact starved and automatically

flighted into staves. Perhaps your ability to summon facts from thin air is a new

skill. I think, however, it just more of the same drool stupidity that motivates

your city mates shouting obsenities from thier stockrooms and temples.

Regardless, the blame for the Good Samaritan bathing my body lies on me, and not on

the Good Samaritan. I asked for the bath, and did not inform the Good Samaritan

that I was actively engaged in hostility in your village. If it is any solice to

you stockie, after asking the Samaritan for forgiveness he demanded that I bathe

silverseed after i killed him. I obliged.

In future, please keep your whines to the Thakrian book of excuses and do not

lightly sully the name of one whose task in the land is positive and productive.

Certainly don't stoop to that level merely because your useless and can only

vicariously enjoy my death.

Written by my hand on the 10th of Springflower, in the year 1111.