My leave and return to Mercinae.

Stellar Lizzys Torinaidento Everyone

Hello Avalon

As you may or may not have noticed, I left Mercinae for Thakria and now I have returned to Mercinae.

The day that I went to Thakria I felt as though I had made the right choice

Mercinae seemed useless to me, I felt that my help wasn't needed.

After the second day I started feeling guilty, which city was it that really needed me? Thakria, the city with powerful fighters, or Mercinae, the growing city who was constantly having citizens over turned by the Thakrians?

I have respect for the Thakrians who gave me a chance to join them, but I have even more respect for the city which I left and still they offered me citizenship again. Thakria had its good points, the way they work together for example. But Mercinae a

lso has its good points although I would definitely say some things need improvement.

I have returned to Mercinae to help them make the improvements

I've returned to the place where I belong and my heart stands. I am glad to be home, and if anyone has any questions or comments please message them to me as I would prefer not to cause any further problems.

May the light of Mercinae burn brightly and proudly in my heart -


Written by my hand on the 6th of Mournsend, in the year 1111.