scoff to you!.

I must say your insistance on insulting Rikki's pacifistic ways is utterly rediculous. Although at times he steps back from the fighting scene, when he does take part, he battles with far more skill and courage then you will EVER muster in your self g

lorifying rants.

I realize that all in avalon will taunt those who they see as being below them in fighing prowess(ie, I scoff at you). what does this say about you scoffing at Raina

? as always, you are most amusing.

It seems that your preciouse city is merely grasping for a cause, something to enforce. You lost your direction along with Orinoko and Ender - and no doubt feel ignored now that your grand new Parrius has faded into the background. and you are a prime

example of this! Enemying people left and right, an attempt to prove a point that is not to be made?

Perhaps, though, I am over-reading all of this? It may well be a case of a child with a new toy! A spoiled, sheltered little girl on a power trip? Putting one on your personal enemy list does little, so enemy them to your city? You are truely a mocker

y to your position.

My slightly disjoined opinion on the matter, but I hope you all get the point.

Esprii M'Trae Elenthiel, Follower of Justice.

Written by my hand on the 14th of Midsummer, in the year 1110.