You DO like to go on, don't you?.

Galadrielto Count Xandamere, the Damned


Ever hear of the axiom \"It is better to be thought a fool?... \"

Thakria certainly does it's fair share of whining these days!

I'm rather tired of the old saw 'why pretend to be what you're

not?' blah blah. For one, Thakria ONLY pulls this out when

the other cities strike you some blow.

I don't speak for any city - but for myself? Any city in this

land is about obtaining dominance. We don't pretend otherwise.

Our reasons - either for our Order, collegiality, just to piss

you off? Whatever -- is none of your damn business and hardly

YOUR place to tell us.

Good does not translate to = 'we'll tie ourselves in knots and

not fight you on equal ground.' When you set a God-blessed standard

then I suppose you also earn the right to live - and die - by it.

have a nice day,


Written by my hand on the 17th of Paglost, in the year 1110.