For the avoidance of doubt in any negotiation to lift our embargo, allow me to clarify the point about the stone.

There is a location bonded by an ex-Springdalian formerly a member of a Springdalian guild. This person is no longer allied to our city or guilds for reasons I do not believe are matters of public record.

This location being bonded is preventing certain shops from trading, resulting in a shortage of goods available to your populace, which in turn resulted in the original request for me to help by forging some armour.

In the absence of a Parrian seer who is able to remove this bond, I commented that it may be possible for a Prophet loyal to Springdale to remove or replace this bonding.

The treaty in question is a reference to the agreement which I naturally assumed would be prudent to ensure that we do not abuse this re-bonded location. As Springdalians are renowned throughout the land for our adherence to such agreements, this woul

d be cast iron guarantee on our part.

It would be normal under the circumstances for some suitable fee to be offered by Parrius in return for having full unhindered use of a valuable store. Perhaps a percentage of sales from the store? I'm sure an amicable solution would have presented it


It was indeed unfortunate that the formal notification had not arrived by the time the embargo was first mentioned in our discussion, perhaps if I had simply ignored the request rather than speak plainly then such a public outcry could have been avoid

ed. I believe that all Captains of Parrius have been properly informed now.

I for one have no wish to prevent Parrius from achieving it's goal of independence, and it may be in the fullness of time that the current embargo encourages even greater self-sufficiency.

Clansman Grymauch, Paladin of Springdale

Written by my hand on the 7th of Springflower, in the year 1110.