Aradhyl, Lady Greensleevesto Everyone

Please note that according the dictionary, neutral is defined as:

not taking any side in an argument, contest, or fight. Parrius is

NEUTRAL towards the city of Springdale.

Yes, some of our citizens and leaders have been known to attack your

citizens in your city, but please note that they do not only favour your

city in this manner, but the other cities as well. We have citizens who

have also come and helped your citizens at times. We are neutral.

Parrius is a city of independent individuals and are now becoming an

independent city, forging our way. You have chosen to place a trade

embargo on us (without formally letting us know), offered to have the

stone of a member of one of YOUR guilds refocused (for a fee), and

desire a treaty to end said embargo.

Let me put it to you more bluntly, NO! Parrius will kowtow to no one.

We are neutral towards Springdale now, but continue in this vein, and

we will not remain so.


Captain of Parrius

Written by my hand on the 29th of Cloudburst, in the year 1110.