Dunccanto Nostradamus, god of darkness

We do not live by the dictionary in avalon, but since this world was founded upon Arthurian legend. I will enlighten you in return for the favour of your enlightenment.

Sir Launcelotte, Strong, brave, just, betrayed his king, his honour, for the love of a woman. Is he considered any less of a knight? He took up sword against his brethren though not his king in the rescue of his love.

Sir Gawain, glutton, egotistical, boisterous, and rucous, not unkown to carouse and enjoy the company of women, he killed many of the evil invaders I am pretty sure he didnt stop to ask himself if he was seeking revenge or just FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE A


Sir Galahad the pure

Only he, and he allown is without sin of the knights of the round table, and I believe that is why in avalon i think he became the god of Justice, no? Or do you forget your old foe? I will destroy the darkness, the evil that festers in avalon, I will

do it in a Just manner. Do NOT for one instance however think that any but a FEW thakrians deserve honor.

Honor is not given given and given, it is earned, a samurai will cut the head off his foe, a samurai will pillage and even steal crops and food for the shogun, do you doubt the honor of the samurai? do you doubt their ruthlesness, I am afraid m'lord N

ostradamus, you do not understand Justice. perhaps justice yes but not Justice. Your ethos is that of darkness of evil of screeming teaming hordes, mine is that of justice, of good, of valour, if to seperate your screaming teaming hordes i must use my

SKILLS given to me by Genesis I don't understand why I canot.

Any way, Justice is the province of one alone, that is Lord Castigere, and to question my patronage is insulting in the extreme, I never publicaly questiond why the highpriest of darkness was such a lame wanker did I? Nor did I ever insult you by post

ing he should change orders. I take offense to your post lord.

Dunccan. Priest of Justice.

Written by my hand on the 15th of Ilmarael, in the year 1108.