Artisan Allanonto Magdalene, the Raven Haired Beauty

I assume the point you are alluding to (although you don't seem to hit the nail on the head in

your posts) is that if you are being affected by a persons staves/rits/demons then if that

happens you would wish to attack back.

If a challenge is taking place then you cannot attack back - this is a valid point.

Now there are other scenarios where you also cannot attack back (i. e if a lm is in a safe location whilst

staves have been placed) but lets deal with mutual challenges.

As it stands a challenge can be fought anywhere - when a LM is fighting a sorcerers clouds exits

and around path entrance would seem a logical place to stave as both parties have flying abilities.

It would be interesting to seek concensus of enemying before challnges are fought (because it has never been

done to me bar gemquests) despite what you state in you post that it often happens.

If everyone else who can target their attacks staves/rits/demons always unenemy people then fine - personally it would

be a pain to do but possible and would end up with probably fewer people fighting challenges.

If one were being petty staves could be left out in all the awkward places on a random basis making movement macros very

risky I can only think of a few who would do such things.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Hindyear, in the year 1107.