Mutual Challenges and careless Artisans.

How come, despite the fact that the majority of Avalon when in mutual challenges manages to minimise the affectation of those not involved,

you are too lazy or too arrogant to do so?

Mages manage to unenemy people when they are fighting around such areas, other members of the Loremaster profession also manage it.

Both these groups of people manage to unenemy people who are involved in mutual challenges and may come into contact with their staves.

You however seem to believe that it should be one rule for you and one for everyone else.

You seem to believe that you should be able to cause harm to others in avalon and face no comeback because of a challenge that you are breaking.

As usual your arrogance is bewildering.

Just because you are the High Priest of Apollo (for whom believe it or not I have great respect) does not mean

that you should follow different rules to the rest of us.

Perhaps next time you will be a bit more careful in your actions, or perhaps you will carry on regardless and throw Apollo's disfavour when people don't just roll over and suffer due to your negligence.


Written by my hand on the 30th of Ilmarael, in the year 1107.