No actually this is all about YOU!.

It is also not acceptable to attack a person whilst you are already involved in a mutual challenge.

You put up three staves, one in meeting place, one at woodland path, and one at path entrance.

I was hit by these staves whilst minding my own business.

I asked you to remove my enemy status for the duration of your challenge three times.

You completely ignored me despite the fact that the first two requests occured before you had even started fighting.

After your staves had struck me for the fifth time you had basically voided your mutual challenge in my eyes.

Still however I could not take Dartanians pleasure from him so I did not strike you once during the challenge.

After he had finished with you however you were fair game although I only recall stabbing you once, he did the rest.

I say this now to all of Avalon. Is it really permissable for a person to affect THE most public area in Avalon to such ends

as all those who are enemied by them are injured when they pass through that most public of areas.

If I was involved in a mutual challenge and trapped the hell out of that area of Avalon and hit several people who were not involved, would I not be breaking the spirit of a mutual challenge?


Written by my hand on the 30th of Ilmarael, in the year 1107.