Lord Nostradamus.

Clansman Grymauch, Paladin of Springdaleto Everyone

As some of you may realise, I have been cursed by Lord Nostradamus to haunt the land as a ghost for the past while. This has been at the expense of my own personal liberty, to the detriment of Springdale and to the Paladins Guild whom I represent.

This was as a consequence of my posting on post 20683 where I expressed my disatisfaction with what I considered at the time to be \"meddling\" in the affairs of mortals. I did not at that time realise how offensive Lord Nostradamus found those words to


I have since had time to reflect on subsequent posts made by many others where the role of the divine has been made debated. Of particular note is the point made by Lord Maedhros where he says \"you all live according to our whims\".

And so I will say this. I respect the role of the gods and the power which they wield. I respect the fervour with which their followers conduct themselves, even should I find the doctrine and values of any individual god to be abhorent.

And to Lord Nostradamus himself, I acknowledge his divine powers and solemnly state that I fully retract any words which he found to be offensive or disrespectful.

Clansman Grymauch, Paladin of Springdale

Written by my hand on the 13th of Springflower, in the year 1107.