Nostradamus, god of darknessto Everyone

Without getting drawn into a long, pointless and cyclic debate about the issue I

would just like to summarise a few pertinent issues for everyone.

1. Deities are omniscient. There is no expectation of privacy from any deity ever.

2. Deities will and do act with impunity. The consistency with which deities do and

will act varies from deity to deity. For example I am more consistent than a chaotic

whimsical deity such as Wraith.

3. No amount of complaining, whining, defiance or disrespect is going to make us go

away. We exist, we have existed since the beginning of time, Olympus is an

institution this land was created upon - this will never change.

4. We are not here to make your lives better. We are here to do exactly what you are

doing - forge our own destinies.

5. Fairness and justice are not virtues held by most deities. The easiest way to

escape the 'unjust' wrath or meddling of a deity is to try and deflect attention

away from yourself and hope they move onto someone else.

6. You will find working with us rather than against us will improve the quality of

your lives and the potential to become a legend significantly.

If you are reading this and suddenly feel enlightened, you have taken the first

step towards a better life. Cast out ignorance and weakness and join the growing

forces of darkness in Thakria. Take refuge in my shadow, for I shall deliver you

to power.


Written by my hand on the 25th of Eleuthral, in the year 1107.