Sir Vargo, with a chip on his shoulderto Everyone

Well i must say im very angered and saddened that the allmight gods have acted this way

As you may have noticed im afraid of nothing so do as you wish

But i wont just let Nostradamus send grymauch to the underworld for a post

Nostradamus, i have said may a things in person to you and i will again

I dont really like you at all

then you do this

And, if this continues you can send me to the underworld also because i am lost and i also cannot do much without any other guild members in the land

Punish all you want

I could care less, this world isn't worth it if you can just throw aside shose you dont like

Why do you think Thakria is the strongest city, because all other gods dont challenge the power of Nostradamus

Therefor there are no rules for him

If he continues to do as he pleases

We can all kiss this land goodbye

say because all non-thakrians will be sent to the underworld

Written by my hand on the 7th of Eleuthral, in the year 1107.