The Gods.

I think the difficulty here is in roles. What you refer to as meddling can and cant be a good thing. In their roles, gods should act as gods and mortals as mortals. If Nostradamus chooses to act by zapping someone for shouting in what he regards as a

whiney manner? Then he is quite clearly acting in a divine capacity and as such no mortal should be criticising him in anywhere close to as disrespectful a manner as Grymauch did.

Mortals acting as gods causes few problems since the gods will soon knock down any such upstarts. What occasionally irritates me however is when gods act like mortals, that isnt the case here and Grymauch is entirely in the wrong, but it does happen a

nd then I do feel the term 'meddle' could be applied.

As to the activity of the gods? Nostradamus does tend to be more vocal and has a more physical presence in the land granted but remember just because you can't see a god doesn't mean they aren't there. Gods spend varying degrees of their time visible/

invisible to all/selected mortals as is their want and personality. Oh, how many times mortals have been caught out because they thought said deity wasn't online.

That said and done, I do think that an important part of avalon is learning about and of the gods. Most younger mortals I've noticed seem to think all gods should behave and do in an identical manner (strangely one which fits their own prejudices) whi

ch is the most ridiculously boring thing I ever heard. Gods should act as gods, but each has their own personality and their own way of doing things. Hence learning about the gods is partly about getting to know a little of about these personalities a

nd stepping carefully around their individual prejudices not seeking to see them conform to yours.


Written by my hand on the 6th of Eleuthral, in the year 1107.