Mischievous Valek Ra, the Illusionistto Everyone

I find the concept of these message boards hilarious. As far as I could tell, they were here to post your thoughts and opinions, but if somebody doesn't like your thoughts or opinions, you can be punished severely. *chuckles* It's like a mousetrap,

and we all fall for it every day. Even now, after -seeing- Grymauch get torchered for making his thoughts and opinions, I CHOOSE to post on this board, knowing full-well, I too shall be punished for what I am going to say.

Let's start with the Lord Nostradamus situation. I have to say, despite the fact he stands for everything my city fights against, I can at least respect him for having active participation in the land, and especially in the city. But since when is t

his \"meddling\"? I thought that's what gods were supposed to do.

If, however, I am incorrect, and gods are -not- supposed to \"meddle\" in the affairs of mortals, then why are Lord Nostradamus' repeated \"offenses\" tolerated? Why do the other gods not rise up against him? Furthermore, if I'm right, and \"meddling\" is

allowed, then why do the other gods not participate as much as Lord Nostradamus? Literally every time I awake to the green grasses of Mercinae, I scout the land to see who is about, and EVERY time Lord Nostradamus is there, usually as the only deity

Seriously, it's almost enough to make a mage convert. Perhaps it is because of we mortals that the other gods are not around. Perhaps it is our lack of faith, or our lack of service, or perhaps a lack of grattitude in general. All I know is, Lord N

ostradamus is the most active, the message boards are a crock, and I'll see you all from hell.

Mischievous Valek Ra, The damned Illusionist

Written by my hand on the 4th of Eleuthral, in the year 1107.