Count Xandamere, the Damnedto Everyone

The issue of the animists is a tricky one. It seems today's animists are much

more passive than the ones I remember, with no sort of blacklisting or

punishment for those who attack them. Animists are also capable of defending

themselves with the most powerful skillset in Avalon, so a competent animist

really has no excuse for ever dying. In these times, animists seem loathe to use

their skills, even in self-defence. That being said, their policies are the

responsibility of their guild, and no other. You don't hear any animists whining

on here about being killed, so I don't see a need for anybody else to take up

a cry in their defence. If they want to leave themselves as such open targets, that

is their decision. And Kes, I'm sure you thought your post was dripping with sarcasm,

but unfortunately it was only thick with idiocy. You could kill an animist and then

get a brew, but you would have to leave the Pool to do so, so I can understand

your confusion.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Midwinter, in the year 1107.