Death of Animists.

Grymauch, all animists, be them associated with a particular city, or cityless, are attacked on a regular basis, you may perhaps just not be aware of it.

Most of the time, these attacks are associated with disgruntled fighters finding us restoring life to their kills, other times, it's pure sadism. The case with Threap killing me is private, and if you want to know the reasons for his actions, I sugge

st you ask him in private instead of dragging all the animists through the mire of the public board.

Astlebe is attacked, and killed, just not with the regularity that is seen with some other animists, perhaps myself included. If you will speak to Edgtho and Ender about the events on the 6th and 14th of this month, they might be able to enlighten yo

u on the death of Astlebe. I recall these dates since I dropped dp to res her.

Astlebe is no less an animist for her order or personal associations, and should have the same courtsey and respect that is due to her choice of profession and philosophy as a servant of Life and the people of this realm.

Any suggestions you have regarding handling the death of animists, though welcome, would probably go farther towards benefitting the guild if you take them up with Elbethamore himself.

Maud, of the Animists

Written by my hand on the 12th of Midwinter, in the year 1107.