It is funny to see posts labeling thakria as the city of animist slayers. Ender, Edgtho Dunccan Finbar Constantine Alarius and Orinoko to name a few all attack astlebe on a regular basis. Where is the outcry about that?

You may not see it as she does not die every time like the others, but there is a reason for that, she is a Thakrian. Thakrians learn to deal with it. Now kiku and Maud die and it+

It is a true joke the facts are Astlebe gets attacked everyday, I attack animists very rarely but when I do they die that+

Kes, to answer your question feel free to attack animists as all your city friends and allies do so and they still get resurrection and herbs everyday.

Hopefully with the return of Lord Aldaron the animists will be whipped back into shape. As to me they are in the worst shape I have seen them in a very long time. The return of the blacklist might be a good start in my opinion. No resurrection or brew

s for those that attack animists would suit me just fine.


Written by my hand on the 12th of Midwinter, in the year 1107.