You see, the very reason I do -not- list any specific names is because I don't want to just start another big argument on the board, where everyone is going to have a different opinion and nothing will get done-- it is for this same reason that I will

decline from listing any specific events, as all events are tied to some PERSON'S decision making, and thus there would be a finger pointed again.

The whole point of my post was to make a non-threatening, non-accusing awareness of the problems in politics. I already gave a suggestion on what to do about it, I said that heads of office can begin listening to their people more-- and I'm not just

talking about Thakria. It can't just be thakria who isn't listening to the masses-- in fact, as far as I know Thakria actually MIGHT be doing exactly what its people want it to do. I'm just saying that I've seen soooo many cases looking back through

all the boards I can read, where decisions are being made that people don't quite agree with, and if they voice their oppinion on the boards, they're (apparently) chastised, removed from the city, or otherwise punished. I realize I have to piece muc

h together of what went on that the boards do not describe, but I have a keen sense of logic and I can put the important stuff together from what people say.

I wasn't looking for a response to my message, I only wanted the city officials to turn an eye inward, and look at themselves, their city, and find out what the majority actually WANTS. Perhaps, as I said before, with a vote on important city matters

(that matter) don't want it to turn out the way it's going. That's all.

No mudflinging, muckracking, or filthdigging, just opinion,

Dinjin, the lowly Bandit

Written by my hand on the 5th of Agamnion, in the year 1104.