Very good points.

You do indeed, have good points sir, and I can respect your views and opinions. My point remains, however, that despite the fact that dictators are elected, they're no less of dictators. Perhaps not all the dictators-- I mean officials are dictators

, but it seems very much to me that some are, and even if they're not that way all the time, the EVENTUALLY do something big which affects their whole city, but which that city had little to no say in. The people may speak and elect who they want, bu

t not everyone votes (which is their own fault, I know), and even if the person you voted for gets elected, that person may not turn out to be who you thought he/she was. My bottom line is that, I think the prince/king/ruler/barony should listen to t

he people more, and hold votes on both internal and inter-city politics. No, I'm not saying every decision should be ratified by the entirety of the city, I'm just suggesting a more democratic version of what's already happening.

More importantly, personal squabbles in office shouldn't lead to city-wide war and prejudice.

This has been another, \"Just a Thought\",


Written by my hand on the 13th of Leaflost, in the year 1104.