Springdale Times vol. 4.

Galadrielto Everyone

--- All the news that gives you fits

Square Dancing Outbreak in Springdale


This just in... Just after dawn on the day after the most successful planting season that Springdale has enjoyed for many a year, the Spring air seems to have affected the population of Springdale's Minsters and Barons.

A rowdy group of Springdalian workers gathered in the Square for a raucous dance, grabbing nearby citizens and juggling, waltzing, cannoodling and cavorting with them. This unseemly display was finally brought to a close by the fortunate arrival of Su

mmer, when most of the merry makers drifted off in warmer climes to explore the nearby mines.

The Ministerial Shuffle


Ah - one and a two and ...do the Minsterial shuffle! Our own resident Prophet and Megalomaniac in training, Galadriel, held so many of Springdale's Ministries that people started calling her Meine Kommendante. Not on. With the Field Marshall and Trad

e Minister duties now safely distributed we hope that this weird propensity for goose-stepping about town will Halt! in this cheeky Baroness.

Fatal Trader


Beware the shifty-eyed trader in the new Minister of Trade suit. Fatalus, master crafter and known the drive the hardest bargain in all four cities has resumed his former post at head of the Trade Board. Look to this handsome, devil-may-care, gold-pin

ching silver monger to make your life better through acquisition!

Greet The Kilted Clansman


Grymauch, otherwise known as the Kilted Wonder (don't peek, girls, he is well guarded by an anti-up the kilt spell!) came, saw, and conquered. Now, we won't speculate who or what he came... er... never mind that. Let's just say that he's a popular fello

w about town and is doing a fine job recruiting for the army as our new Field Marshall. His aides are panting to help him, er, put things away in the barracks. Men, yeah, that's it, putting men away... in legions. In the barracks.

(con't next)

Written by my hand on the 19th of Ilmarael, in the year 1104.