City Enemies.

Strongbowto Orinoko, the Renegade Womble

I'm your enemy Orinoko. Not Parrius'. If you think that trying to involve Parrius in our fight is going to happen because you declare me a city enemy, then you obviously have a low opinion of Parrius' citizens ability to make their own minds up.

You claim our fight was over. Our fight is never over.

Nothing has changed between me and the rest of Parrius. I doubt very much that anyone will be taken in by your deception. Don't waste your time trying to make up threats that don't apply to other people.

The enmity between you and I goes much further back than your recent abandonment of Springdale for Parrius. It is you that will suffer, a little more every single day. Parrius is far bigger than you, and should not be taken for granted in your games

Don't bother to tell or talk to me, because I care nothing for your words and childish humour. May history judge you as you deserve and bury your memory in the sand.


Written by my hand on the 18th of Skyelong, in the year 1104.