You and Parrius.

Strongbowto Orinoko, the Renegade Womble

I have listened patiently through post after post of yours about how you are the pre-eminent fighter in this land. You should talk more about your political skills and less about your fighting prowess.

You have not offered one challenge to me in as many years as I can remember, and regularly jump me in thakria hoping to get the best of the exchange. That is fine and eagerly anticipated as your ability to whack malloran is quite staggering.

But to drape the mantle of your city around you, as if you are its saviour - sticks in my gullet. You jumped me and killed me in Thakria, so I followed you to Parrius where you ran off to. I now find myself an enemy of Parrius for teaming.

But why? Which Parrian have I ever killed? Indeed which parrian have I even attacked? Only two - yourself who for as long as I can remember was a terror to Parrius, and Alarius who jumped me in my Lord's temple.

For I didn't attack or respond to Ender despite his attacks on your behalf. I have no hatred for Parrius or her citizens. So I can only conclude that it is to protect you when you hide behind her stalwart walls and city staves.

Your actions will not change my attitude. You are the only Parrian that I want, and you will need all your gems to keep that head on its shoulders in the days and years to come.


Written by my hand on the 15th of Skyelong, in the year 1104.