you lie.

Dunccanto Ender

I was angry, yes, but i never had any intention of stabbing my friends in the back, I did however have in mind the repeated slaying of he who I think is the root of the problem.

Oh and one last thing, i had gotten a yes from all the barons, cept you, um a baron of thakria who now, um kills thakrians and erm arnt you prince of another city? Does your post mean you are still loyal to thakria? I dont understand... scratch, and

just so you know, boy, I was offerd citizenship to thakria again this past month by one of their barons.

It seems however the lord of darkness does not want a member of the order of justice in thakria, (wasup with orielle i duno guess ordermembers are ok if they do shit for everybody) thats fine by me, now lets quit the jibber jabber and bring on the fig


Justice lives in avalon.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Midwinter, in the year 1104.