Enderto Dunccan


Please refrain from accusing others of abandoning their cities. You have voluntary abandoned your city of birth Mercinae twice and Springdale once. While I was a baron of Thakria you also approached us about gaining citizenship of the city of miracl

es, something that was refused to you on several occasions.

If memory serves I believe your intentions upon joining Thakria were to turn you back on the city of Light and stab all those you served in the back. The number of people who have never altered allegiance is sadly very limited. I am not one of them,

neither are you, so please put down the stones before you smash any windows.

You bitch and moan because you lost, should you have won any of these great battles then I have no doubt all your \"bugs\" would be become daring moments of strategic genius.


Written by my hand on the 4th of Midwinter, in the year 1104.