you are mistaken, sir.

Dunccanto Orinoko, the Renegade Womble

I do know how you feel about me and I realize your feelings after the fact of springdale being razed. I do put the blame on my shoulders, as I do for the arguing inside springdale, and of all my arguing there is only one thing I regret challenging Rh

apsody's rule, she has shown admirable grit. unlike you sir.

My post was not a personal attack, were I to attack you personaly i would say how you did not come out in the defence of your city even though you did log on, you did not risk death and I assure you Orinoko that had you come out of the stockroom inste

ad of logging off, we would have turned the tied.

Were I to insult you would say what a poor action it was to attack and slay Esprii she who while mercinaen and nothing really to do with springdale, died and shipped defending the symbol of the stag like a SD trueborn.

Were I to insult you sir, I would mention how you turned on your allies (mercinaens), the friends who died with you and for you (me, herbie, esprii, constantine, others) how you turned your back and comune now with thakrians who you slew wantonly not

two months past.

Were I to insult you I would call you a dog, a swine, a cur, the thing that can never be forgiven, above abandoning your city after signing terrible debilitating treaty, you worthless motherless traitor, you slay your BROTHER, I have never seen anybod

y worship you as much as he yet you slay him now, you laugh at him he who was your squire, your friend, your backup, always loyal.

I would have given my left swordarm to have a squire like him. You betray everything orinoko, were I to insult you I would tell all these things of you. However, I did not wish to insult you in my posts, just say the reality.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Midwinter, in the year 1104.