Insanity is relative.

Orinoko, the Renegade Wombleto Dunccan

Well, can I first off congratulate you Dunccan. The very first line of your post states 'this lopsided attempt at ridiculing my post will not succeed amongst the greater minds of avalon'. You then promptly make nonsense of your own post by turning any

thing remotely resembling a cohesive argument into a vociferous personal attack on me. Some people can just never keep their goal in mind eh?

Now, what first? Ah right, Springdale's attack into Thakria: This was never my 'brain child', it was in fact Blueskull's who was has always been a far better marshall than I have. I did however fully back it and in a way we were unlucky, Thakria got s

upport back just in time, how different things might have been had we just had a few more minutes. The last attack on the fortification which we made was a last ditch attempt to make some more damage which didnt work. However, I backed that move and I

m more than happy to have been a part of it. Despite Zenichiro's opinion we still did more damage that day than we took by far and it could have been considerably more.

Next? Springdale's attempted defence to Thakria. Now, this bit of your post is just complete bollocks. Springdale falling so easily to Thakria can be laid solely at your feet. I wanted to throw you out the city the very next day, had it not been for B

lueskull persuading me that 'at least he tried, he didn't know' I'd have had you throw out the city immediately.

Genesis HAD posted about the bug AND the fact it had been fixed. Unlike Zenichiro's assertions, several sides had used that particular bug over the years and it was Blueskull reporting it to him which led to it being fixed. The people in charge of Spr

ingdale were well aware of how things stood, and yes it was my idea to put all the troops in the barracks altogether. Why? because unless the leader of all the legions was online (requiring several leaders to be online at the same time) to order the s

imultaneous assail of all the legions then the best we could hope for was to inflict sufficient damage that Thakria would be unable to pass the rest of the fortifications, thereby nullifying the invasion.

That WAS my idea, and depending on how the Thakrians had lined up their forces it might have worked. It was you and your idiocy which led to those forces being decimated, you using a bug which it had been posted no longer existed which led to those fo

rces being decimated and why is it Dunccan despite your repeated advances that Springdale have refused you entrance back into their city? Perhaps it's because in the short while you were there you caused trouble, started arguments, pissed people off,

lost a battle and generally acted the incompetent ass you always have been.


Written by my hand on the 28th of Agamnion, in the year 1103.