A giving of thanks.

Arikarr D'Malachiato Everyone

It seems that a few hundred years ago, Thakria historically came to settle strange new lands, which the native inhabitants referred to as Mercinae.

We flagged it, farmed it, divided it up and called it our own. We gave the locals a fair price, consisting of a few iron and some other commodities which we had in abundance, or had little need for.

Sometimes, they attacked us! Ungrateful wretches that they were, spurning the bringing of our culture, civilisation and religion, but in the end we were successful in converting them from their heathen ways, and now they provide a rich undertone to ou

r social 'melting pot'.

After all, they hold many, many important positions of servitude, and without them our world would just not function correctly.

For this, we would give the cute little natives of Mercinae our thanks, for without them, life as a Thakrian just wouldn't be right.

(If it stings, ask yourself why.)

Written by my hand on the 9th of Midsummer, in the year 1103.