Pleasing Ones Patron.

Arikarr D'Malachiato Mage Qrick, The Solitaire

'... I've asked him many times if he feels happy with me...'

I am willing to bet your patron, whomever it may be, so looks forward to those repeated personal reviews that you thrust into his field of vision.

'Oh! Me! Me! Me! Am I a Good Follower?! Yes?! Yes?!'

How utterly pathetic.

Seek only to please one's patron, and if one does well, then perhaps, just perhaps, your patron may deign to speak with you, or even allow you in his presence! Your patron is not a tool for advancement! They are not there to be *used* for political or

persona gain! how *dare* you even consider the Gods in such a mundane and mediocre light!

I suggest you abase yourself immediately before them, and beg their forgiveness for your impudence!

And just consider, even if you *did* get what you wanted, and restrict the very freedoms of your own fellow citizens, reducing their 'legal' choice of paths of worship, have you even given the most fleeting consideration to all those Gods, who through

'banning' from Mercinae you will offend?!

Childe Mage, you have *much* to learn!

Written by my hand on the 6th of Skyelong, in the year 1103.