The current issue.

Actually, I think there is good reason Qrick should post, I also fail to understand your point since one could easily argue that an issue between someone and their patron is nothing to do with their city, so how Mercinae is involved in the topic on th

e public board is beyond me.

To continue it, I believe that many people choose patron's far too early in life and so are unselective and I also find that some patron's are far less selective than I find wise preferring to bring in potential and hope it fits the mould rather than

seeing if it fits the mould first.

My own patron I know takes great pains in his selections for our order. However, aspiring to an order is something that many do and many will feel left out if they cannot join an order of any description since they are missing out an important aspect

of avalon.

It is I think a hard balance to drive and does inevitably lead to some patron 'switching' which is something that I personally think should be the last resort anyone ever turns to in this land.

Quite simply Qrick as Nostradamus said, it is nothing to do with city, guild or anyone else..... It's between you and your patron and whether you can both live with the choices that you respectively make


Written by my hand on the 26th of Paglost, in the year 1103.