Eseentially speaking as previous posts have indeed sensibly pointed out it

is only between two people - the patron and the follower. The deity in

question may apply difference restraints and disciplines on individual

followers and they certainly have no guidelines to keep to other than those

they make themselves.

Speaking personally I take a lot of trouble to ensure all my followers are

a good 'cultural fit' to Darkness and are able and willing to take pleasure

in the darker traits of life.

Several mortals, yourself being one of the more notable examples, stick out

as being somewhat at odds with the 'apparent' ideology of their patron

however I will not be punishing you for it as it is entirely up to

Rhadamanthys whether your sadistic tendancies should find yourself at odds

with the virtues of compassion.

Interesting that you of all people should bring this topic up.


Written by my hand on the 17th of Paglost, in the year 1103.