While most mortals believe in their patrons and what their patron stands for, be it compassion, chaos, darkness, night, light, vengence, time, fate, dreams or sea. Each patron has a set standard, each follower different. In the ideal world mortals wou

ld \"follow\" every ideal set before them by their patron without the expectation of \"repayment\".

But, we are mortals, and being such at times are selfish and greedy. We tend to \"look out for numero uno\" and often some follow a patron and that patrons ideal for what that patron offers them in terms of \"goodies\"

The relationship between a divinity and a mortal is set forth by the two alone. If a God or Goddess choses to indulge a follower, who is to say that follower is wrong in accepting such gifts. Though one must remember as surely as a God or Goddess can

give, so too can they take it away.

Regardless of which God or Goddess you beseech to accept you into their order, regardless of what you hope to achieve or expect from your Patron, or whether you follow every ideal, tis the God or Goddess' chosing on whether you remain.

I, myself was once a follower of Rhadamanthys, I followed the ideals of compassion, til such time I found myself wandering from the path of compassion. When this was noticed, I requested to be cast from his order being my actions brought shame upon my

fellow ordermates.

Since that time, I found myself in the Order of Dreams, under Lady Andromeda. I beseeched her to allow me in her order because I had dreams of things I could accomplish. Only upon her sad departure from the land did I leave her order.

Now, I find myself patronless. I am at a point in my life where I am not sure the ideals I follow. For now, without darkness or night how can one know light? without time how does one judge anything, without compassion how can one know sadism, without

vengence can a soul find rest for past wrongs?

Without justice can we determine what is unfair? Without chaos how can one experience calm? Without the ever changing beckoning of the seas of Avalon can one appreciate the land? Each lends to the other, balances the nature of the world.

The Divinities of Avalon set their ideals before us, mortals in our youth and bumblings, trip and stumble, walk head held high, in hope and expectation, in hopes of recognition or favour from the patron we chose or should I say the patron that choses



Written by my hand on the 12th of Paglost, in the year 1103.