I believe in Compassion and I believe in Rhadamanthys as Deity

of that Sphere, and I follow Him as my Patron.

Even if I were not in the Order of Compassion, I would still act

in a compassionate manner, as that is my personal belief.

Saying that, having a Patron does allow you certain privileges,

balanced with a number of responsibilities which grow as you rise

up within the Order.

The give and take between yourself and your Patron is what they

wish it to be.

The HELP PATRON text talks of divinities who often have ideals

that are similar to your own, and in those cases choosing a

potential Patron is more clear-cut, but for some they decide to

tread Avalon without, or with many, a Divine guide.

Regards... Chronos

Written by my hand on the 10th of Paglost, in the year 1103.