Suitable attire.

Clansman Grymauch of Springdaleto Artisan Allanon

For some strange reason I'm feeling inspired by recent postings on this board.

In light of recent event I see a real trade opportunity in eyepatches and gaudy silk shirts. Possibly a quota of logs could be diverted to the manufacture of wooden legs?

Safe to say that bird of paradise trapping is well under way, just need to teach the buggers to say \"Pieces of eight\".

I'm sure that the citizens of Parrius will welcome this endeavour with open arms - well that may be arm singular. Do we have any hooks in stock? Maybe Talisker will have some.

With all this talk of a government based on chaos, everyone is guaranteed to want to express their individualism by dressing identically and thinking alike. That's my idea of chaos. Do you think we'll have enough rum to keep up with demand?

We should definitely get together to agree on prescribed insults as soon as we work out what a \"crusty sea dog\" actually is.

Ahar Jim-lad.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Leaflost, in the year 1102.