Ender, Brigandto Hermione, abiding by the Lore

It will be hard for me to answer your post and remain respectful to the gods, but I shall try and live in hope that Nostradamus forgives any transgression on my part as no disrespect is intended.

\"You imply you went to Parrius because you were 'needed' there. Isn't it more truthful to say that you went to Parrius purely because you couldn't have your 'own way' in Thakria? \"

Both statements are accurate but, as with many things in this world, there is no single correct answer. I refused to return (when offered) to Thakria because it was patiently clear that only one person would rule the fortunes of Thakria, Nostradamus.

Ego's swollen from our victories in Mercinae and Parrius we foolishly believed that we could \"beat\" the Lord of Darkness at his own game after the coup in Thakria. We set-up in Coriona and had some fun; at best we made his puppets look like fools

; in reality all we actually did was delay the inevitable.

The battle for power in Thakria was lost the moment Nostradamus made his move and no other immortal stood in opposition. You live in a naive little world still believing your precious Zenichiro holds the keys to the city, the sad truth is he only hol

d power at the whim of Nostradamus. Unlike the rest who returned to Thakria, I chose not to live in the shadow of Darkness, kidding yourselves that mortals still called the shots.

And so I followed another path offered to me, to return to Parrius and work others from the order of Chaos, restoring a once great city to its rightful path. A path that I believe in and that I give heart and soul to follow. My motives are simple:

Parrius will become the single most powerful, dominant and successful city in all the land. Judge those motives as you will; immoral or inspired it is purely a matter of perception.


Written by my hand on the 20th of Leaflost, in the year 1102.