My formal apology.

Zheredanto Nostradamus, god of darkness

Rage, senses dulled by wine and the false bravado brought about by knowing one is leaving this realm, can lead a man to grave folly. In my case, to dare as a mortal to stand in your divine presence and insult you.

These trangressions against an immortal are unforgiveable and one of my years should have known better. Before the realm, I wish to make public my regret for my stupidity to risk your divine wrath and plead before you, the God of Darkness, for what cl

emency you might grant this worthless mortal soul.

To your disciple Threap, I likewise apologise. It is not for one man to question the faith of another and openly mock his choice of patron.

For what days I have remaining here, I shall walk with my head bowed, humbled and reminded that I am naught but the dust.


Written by my hand on the 19th of Leaflost, in the year 1102.