Ender, Brigandto Everyone

20 years ago, almost to the day, Parrius launched an ill-founded attack on the Thakrian troops occupying the city of Mercinaen. Thakria launched a counter-strike and in the ensuing battle, successfully invaded Parrius destroying her fortifications an

d holding the city ransom. For many reason, Thakria showed mercy to Parrius, accepting huge reparations rather than razing the city to the ground.

On that day Parrius failed; the commander of her armies was incompetent, her citizens mostly farmers were unwilling to fight and smug in behind her vast armies and towering fortifications she believed she was untouchable. She was mistaken.

As the dust settled countless citizens cried for change; spoke of learn from mistakes, there was a call for Parrius to \"Rebuild, and learn to fight like the Pirates we once were. \" Shortly after, Zheredan and Blotto approached key fighters from aroun

d the land to request their help refocusing the city from farming to fighting. They realised that without a strong fighter base another invasion was only a matter of time and next time there would be no mercy.

Parrius HAD to change; first Plaman returned, then I, followed by Orinoko. From that point we have handpicked a few notable fighters to join our ranks of excellence in combat. A step in the right direction but ultimately nothing more than a stickin

g plaster on a wound that cuts to the heart of Parrius.

And so, Parrius came to a crossroads. Faced with two choices; let Parrius continue as a conservative, farming focused, fighter-less city until the next time she is razed. Or change the very foundations of the city; cut out the cancer that hold th

e city in a coma or conservatism and rebuild with new focus.

The Barony of Parrius unanimously agreed on the later. It is time for change.

Written by my hand on the 7th of Leaflost, in the year 1102.