Ok lets take this one step at a time, no confusion to be added to this.

I did have a conversation with Maiya about why she was attacking Parrians so much. In response she stated she was doing so until Parrians woke up and got you, Ender, Blotto and Orinoko out of the barony. I did state to her that her means were not the

way to go about it and she needed to back off.

Forgive me, I didn't see that as plotting or conspiring with her, I viewed it as looking out for my fellow citizens. Just as I had done the same during the Grahjhl/Merc situation and the Edgtho/Parrian shop situation.

As for the troops, get the hell over it already. Yes, I made a mistake, I posted on the city BB admitting that mistake and stating if the citizens felt action needed to be taken against me to do so. For the record, in regards to those troops whats fai

led to be mentioned is the fact that those troops were due to expire. Or the fact that Zenichiro would never have pushed it had it not been for Orinoko slaying Orielle during harvest the last year of the treaty. But no worries, I will take all blame f

or it, I never skirted the blame on that one.

Now as for the charges of plotting with some to take out the entire parrian barony, my official response is BULLSHIT!

Yes, I wanted Ender, let me repeat that so you don't get confused ENDER, out. I had no real problem with you, orinoko or Blotto, again let me state this, just ENDER. Did we get that one?? ENDER, just ENDER. Didn't realize ENDER constituted the ENTIRE

Parrian Barony. I never hid the fact I did not feel ENDER was baronal material for Parrius, why act like its a new development??

Now before filling up this board with mindless drivel trying to justify your reasons behind ejecting me, lets just say its done and over with. Move on with it! You got me out *applauds*, no more worries about me \"corrupting\" anyone else against you \"b


Enjoy your city!


Written by my hand on the 30th of Hindyear, in the year 1102.