Actually citizens of Parrius.

I chose to wait a time before posting, so that my words were not said in anger. Conspiring with Maiya was I, *applauds* how trite. This is the same Maiya that I fought time and again?

Conspiring against the whole Parrian barony?? No, dears just Ender. I will freely admit and twas not a secret in any means, I did not think Ender was fit for a baronal position. I freely admit I encouraged folks to look at his actions and judge for th


Yes, I looked at Ender as a Baron of Parrius and found him lacking, a baron who kills citizens 1/8th his size merely for poking him, a baron who used divine intervention to award himself a position that had been removed by a minister.

Alas, it matters not. Ender may have his Parrius. I no longer wish to be called a Parrian. I look to Parrius with sadness in my heart, not because I was ejected, but because I can most assuredly gleam its future. A future of being ruled by Ender until

Parrius is no longer resourceful for him.

Heed my words Parrians, what you have in that city today my seem to you all something to be proud of, but it goes against everything the Parrian Constitution stood for.

To answer the charges of treason, if wanting to see Ender out of the barony is treason, then yes I am guilty. If wanting to see a Parrius that is not held captive to chaos, yes I stand guilty. If wanting to uphold the parrian constitution is treason,

again I am guilty.

Ender can hold his trumped up charges to justify his reasons, we all know the truth, I went against Ender, I shouted the reasons and the truth for all to see, and too many were beginning to see what I said for truth. Parrians I warn you now, hold your

tongues, don't think for yourselves, blinding follow through life under Ender's directions or you'll be next to be found guilty of treason.

With that said, I bid farewell to Parrius, though Parrius today is not the place I loved so dearly. May you live with what you have come to and not find yourselves wanting in the end


Written by my hand on the 29th of Hindyear, in the year 1102.