and talisan.

Now, plaman, I know nothing of this supposed conspiarcy of ailiana and maiya, I died many times to maiya as did ailiana. These charges are bogus, and somewhere you know this to be true. Why you and orinoko choose to side with ender is beyond me. Ma

rk my words, when he is through in Parrius, it will only be rubble. As far as the weak link in parrius being cut loose, no I'm afraid you are mistaken. We were the last hope of Parrius. But I for one am glad I can now take measures against Ender wi

thout having to worry about city politics.

As far as you taliesin, well all I can say is those who do not follow blindly have now been ejected on pathetic grounds of treason. As long as you follow blindly those now in government, you have nothing to worry about. Fare thee well.


Written by my hand on the 28th of Hindyear, in the year 1102.