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Taliesinto Diabolical Ducelo, Lover of Ladies

I am not by personal and professional choice a frequent poster... howver.I have been of peaceful, pacifist bent since my return after long ages away. I was quickly welcomed home to parrius and have not, in fact been shown the door. This sort of inval

idates the claim that the baronage evicted all non fighters. Of course I was not involved in any treason.

If you feel wronged in being evicted, unjustly included, etc, you might perhaps find it a more productive course to discuss the matter with parties involved. Posting rants has rarely produced results that are particualrly favourable--a lesson I lear

ned the hard way many decades gone.

The City of Parrius thinks highly of their Neighbors in Mercinae, is dedicated to keeping personal squabbles out of city actions, and I have... as foreign minister... ensured our oficial stance is neutral or better with all Cities.

May your path treat you as well as you treat those you meet upon it...

Written by my hand on the 28th of Hindyear, in the year 1102.