Dunccanto Ender, Brigand

I had planned on taking a break from avalon as otherworldly matter will sadly keep me from avalon but actions recent and unjust in my eyes have prompted me to be here more often than naught.

I can only suppose that these so called traitors were \"conspiring\" at challenging your barony (parruis barony?) and democraticaly voting you out. As to conspiring with maiya. you are full of it maiya kills most the people you mentiond more than anybo

dy else by far.

Blotto, how can you stand for this, is trully having finaly some decent fighters appart from the guardian of the east (scoff) and the Mariner (you rock man) worth parrius losing its identity? I see all of this as extremely unjust.

Ender by searching for your self worth you have destroyed in my sight that wich was parrius now it is not the city of neutrality and pirates but of chaos, I am sure your patron relishes all the chaos this brings but I canot however I dare to imagine w

hat the lord of the ocean thinks on all of this.

Tis a sad day indeed.

Other injustices, Threapy, look, all you gota do is keep being your silly old self to give the now largest lore guild in avalon the excuse it needs to fell your whole god be damned city.


I might not be mercinaen, and I would rather cut my right arm off than fall under the power of their prince, but I am sure even he who is the epitomy of arrogance will agree that your actions canot remain without retaliation.

Serving the he who brings Justice, Dunccan.

Written by my hand on the 17th of Hindyear, in the year 1102.