Cities, Deities, and Loyalties, oh my!.

Galadriel, the wickedto Ender, Brigand


I feel absolutely no need to justify ANYTHING to you. Guilds,

like Orders, have their own objectives, which I'm sure you'll

agree is true. Or wasn't that you, killing your own citizens,

and even fellow guild members *shock*! in the past?

Could it be that some Guildmasters have plans of their own?

Could it be that they have the backing of a Deity to help them

in their goals?! Heavens! What WILL happen next? Gods aiding

their loyal followers? Oh my!

Amy member of my guild has every right to mount their attacks

from our stones. It's a guild thing, you understand. Hmm,

actually, you clearly don't understand. Maiya is a Prophet.

The weakness you imply (to a barony that has nothing to do with

her or her actions, in passing) would be more evident if I, as

guildmaster, succumbed to the almost unilateral pressure from

members of a particular Order and City to cast her out.

No one tells me how to run my guild, and your painfully obvious

weasel-like manipulation attempts to change that fact matter not

a damn to me. A Prophet she shall remain until it suits either her

or me no longer.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Midwinter, in the year 1102.