Ender, Brigandto Galadriel, the wicked

If Maiya isn't Springdalian that could you possibly explain what she is doing in one of Springdale's most loyal guilds?

Could it be that the city of Springdale is having her hand forced by some external power, and the weak-minded Barons have neither courage nor conviction to stand-up for themselves? As has been successfully argued in the past; Maiya hides within Spri

ngdale, she is supported by Springdale and fights to defend your citizens. Add to that, the fact that the majority of her attacks are formed and mounted from seeing stones housed within Springdale city walls.

In situations such as this, it is perfectly clear that the pseudo citizen and their adopted city, share a mutual responsibility for the others actions, in exactly the same relationship normally found between citizen and city. The only group of peopl

e, who don't believe Springdale as an inherited responsibility for the actions of Maiya, are the citizens of Springdale.

As for the oil slicking, I offered to cease the pointless exchange between Parrius and Springdale but Maiya refused. Then after the problem was escalated to ridiculous levels the gods stepped in stayed Maiya's hand.

Ender, Brigand

Written by my hand on the 21st of Midwinter, in the year 1102.