Finbarto Ender, Brigand

Considering Maiya is not a citizen of Springdale, and considering she actually

remains an enemy of Springdale, I find it -- shall I say -- Maiyaesque of you

to unilateraly oil slick Sprindale in retaliation for the actions of Maiya.

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rub sata on longsword17207 I see it, Maiya has undertaken a crusade to rid Parrius of what she perceives

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rub sata on longsword17207 a Thakrian sympathetic barony. While I don't share this persepctive, it's not

my place to really judge the motive. Her actions apprently have cause Parrian

citizens to loathe her and fear her, and the Fighters of Parrius seem to have

utterly failed to thwart her efforts. Out of your sheer frustration, now you

levy a childish attack on a city that has nothing more to do with Maiya than

merely house the guild she was put into by powers beyond our own?

Ender, do us all a favour, get off your lazy bear ass, go kill her, adn keep the

city of Springdale out of your frustrated and pointless existence.

Written by my hand on the 28th of Agamnion, in the year 1101.