Smoke and mirrors.

Your attempt to deflect the argument with a transparent effort to stir it

up with The Diabolus is pathetic. I assure you if the lord of evil were

to return I would be the first to rejoice.

Everything you have previously stated is in 'your opinion' and that is

as the God of light. Naturally I reject most of it, you have a habit of

pontificating in such a way as if what you state as opinion is fact.

I will, however, respond to any direct threats and action you make like

for like - that is the way of Darkness, not Light which I believe the

last time it happened was to respond in like a wapping 50 times! You may

add overreaction to my previous list of flaws.

I believe rather than the return of The Diabolus you should step aside

and gift your realm to one more capable of running it, a deity rather than

comitted to provocation and violence one comitted to benevolance,

enlightenment and virtue.


Written by my hand on the 3rd of Midsummer, in the year 1101.