Your retorts.

The Rangers are, or should be a unique guild situated in a geographical

location (while being physicaly linked to Mercinae, by the way) so that they

can fulfill their role as guardians of the Greenwood from the darknes beyond.

The Thieves guild I saw as a band of rogues with no specific loyalties but to

themselves and whoever was offering them the most at that moment in time. I

helped them set up 'safe houses' in all the 3 then existing cities and

several villages. Aligning themselves with a city only cut down their

activities and restricted their movements. Later they tried to solve this problem

by removing themselves to their own village fortress. An ill-fated venture if

ever I saw one. My vision was to allow them freedom of movement in all cities

and allow their services to be hired by the highest bidder, while still leaving them

room, if they so wished, to double-cross that bidder and have the ability to go-to-ground

in one of several places until the heat died down. I don't remember using amny 'violence or

threats', nor did I make them swear oaths or sign treaties. Indeed, I was aware that my houses

were as likely to be burgaled as anyone elses as this is the nature of a thief. (It is true to

say that no thief of the time ever left one of my houses alive during such attempts, whether

or not I was present at the time).

This was a satisfactory and logical arrangement for a band of people who at

anytime might end up a refugee from their own city and on the run from forces

of law at any time. It also meant that their UNIQUE skills were open to all who wished to

approach them and the choice of taking-up ofers was in their own hands. I emphasise unique

because I did NOT split the guild, I spread it so that should they run into trouble anywhere

in Avalon they were never far from a 'safe-house'. The Thieves were delighted with this arrangement

though had i proposed that they should split up into different guild entities I'm sure the reaction

would have been, rightly, hoistile opposition.

Anyone caring to re-read my posts will see the cohesive arguments I make. I cano

only suggest this comes from many centuries of seeking enlightenment rather

than stumbling about in darkness. As to calling on help of Diabolus you may if you

sp wish. I look forward to once again defeating him. As he isn't actually absent though,

I look forward even more to you taking over his realm and seeing you fight him. If I were

you I'd get my most lethal leaflet campaign underway now before he reads your post (if he hasn't


Written by my hand on the 2nd of Midsummer, in the year 1101.