Your retorts.

While addressing nothing whatsoever, you still find the need to

post several paragraphs.

The Rangers are, or should be. a unique guild situated in a geographical

location (while being physicaly linked to Mercinae by the way) so that

they can fulfill there role as guardians of the Greenwood from the darknes beyond.

The Thieves guild I saw as a band of rogues with no specific loyalties but to

themselves and whoever was offering them the most at that moment in time. I helped

them set up 'safe houses' in all the 3 then existing cities and several villages.

Aligning themselves with a city only cut down their potential number of targets

(although they all remained within existing cities) and the only loyalty they felt,

if any, was to other thieves. This seemed right and proper to me, I made them sign

no document or swear no oath but they understood that I may call on their (paid)

services from time to time while understanding that my houses were as much a target

for burglary as any other.

This was a satisfactory and logical arrangement for a band of people who at anytime

might end up a refugee from their own city and on the run from forces of law at any time.

At no point do I remember resorting to any 'violence or threats' (though it is true to

say that no thief who attemptd to burgal my house ever left alive whther I was present

or not).

As the Thieves agreed unanimously to my proposals and saw it as a great step forward for

their profession I think that the only point underlined here is my foresightedness and your

lack of vision. Perhaps if I'd suggested SPLITTING the guild so that they lost their unique

talents rather than SPREADING the guild so they had at the very least a safe-house in which to

go to ground in all centres of civilisation thye would, rightly, have been of a different view.

Anyone caring to re-read my posts will see the cohesive argument I make. I can only suggest this

comes from many centuries of seeking enlightenment rather than stumbling about in darkness. As to

calling on the help of Diabolus you may if you so wish, I look forward to once again defeating the

base master of treachery; simple movement and a few primary colours is usually enough to cause

a brain seizure.

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Midsummer, in the year 1101.