An explaination

Count Vortexto Everyone
 First of all, I will explain my powers. In the fight with Brucos I used neither farsight nor mysticism, only rituals and spiritualism, the same skills as a mage has, so Eshkadeth would be able to attack just as well as I.  Brucos, I was asked to stop killing you by Anarchos, which I did, untill you decided to attack me, and I asked and gained Anarchos's permission to fight back.  As for the skills, I have lost 3 allready, and I could not really be reimbursed with extra existing skills because they are too high allready to give any fair return.  As for a loaded gun, I had great fun as a baby with the gun my parents gave me, grin.  I apoologise for the attidute recently, I was just very narced off with being chucked out of Pyrraeus for no reason.                                 (V)